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I am an experienced and innovative professional with years of diverse experience in integrated marketing communications, graphic design, and digital outreach. My passionate work on political and issue campaigns of all levels has given me the ability to thrive in busy, fast-moving situations where personal initiative, hard work, organization, and the ability to manage multiple projects allows for success even in high stress environments.


My extensive experience across multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, allows me to have impactful and meaningful interactions online, which I enjoy on every levelThrough hard work and hands-on experience, I have developed strong writing skills, expertise in creating marketing and branding strategies, and valuable marketingresearch and data analytics abilities. 


My time in various positions and fields has shaped me to value interpersonal relationships as well as robust personal, political, and professional ethical standards. My diverse experience, along with my strong editorial and organizational skills, unique writing voice, and experience with social and the new media landscape, makes me an invaluable asset to any organization. 


Director of Marketing

and Communications

Golden Gate University School of Law

Work focuses on creating an integrated & cohesive marketing and communications strategy through social media, specialized outreach campaigns, student & alumni engagement, print materials, advertising, and media interaction.

  • Skills include working to create a comprehensive communications strategy for the law school and a communications support team for the university and its specialized  schools, programs, and centers. 
  • Successfully  worked on  a complete rebranding the school of law, which included a complete redesign  and implementation of  new  collateral, a new website, and a fully integrated marketing communications plan to help further the school's goals and mission.



Political & Media Consultant 

New Media/Political Consultant specializing in web-based action, social networking, blogging, and youth outreach. 

  • Skills include social media outreach & content creation, campaign management, volunteer management, media relations, website creation, direct mail campaigns, email communications, online memes & video content, and youth outreach.​



Fight OUT Loud 

President and co-founder of Fight OUT Loud, a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping LGBTQ individuals and their allies fight discrimination and hate.

  • Skills include community organizing, online & event organizing, press outreach and public relations, and social media outreach and education. www.FightOUTLoud.org 


Featured Columnist

The Huffington Post

Contributing columnist on LGBTQ issues, state & national politics, and pop culture.

  • Skills include creating content, researching issues, scheduling & conducting interviews, building & maintaining media lists and relationships, and pushing news & content on social media.www.HuffingtonPost.com


Featured Columnist

Chicago Tribune 

Columnist and op-ed contributor for the Chicago RedEye, a division of the Chicago Tribune, specializing in LGBTQ issues, politics, and pop culture.

  • Skills include creating content researching issues, scheduling &conducting interviews, building & maintaining media lists and relationships, and pushing news & content on social media. http://www.RedeyeChicago.com



Executive Producer

Gay TV on The Go 

Host and producer of the political discussion show Critical Thinking, a show focused on in-depth discussions with newsmakers & opinion shapers on all things relevant to the LGBT community.

  • Skills include creating scripts, scheduling & conducting interviews, and organizing & creating video content.  www.GayTVOnTheGo.com


Political Editor

Featured Columnist


Featured columnist and op-ed contributor specializing in LGBTQ issues, politics, and pop culture. Author of the political column.

  • Skills as Political Editor included creating content, writing website copy, organizing content, editing peer articles, and overseeing the content of the website. http://www.ChicagoPride.com


Editorial Board 

Featured Columnist

The Bilerico Project 

Contributing columnist on LGBTQ issues and politics. Member of the Editorial Advisory Board, which oversaw content and website quality.

  • Skills included creating content, writing website copy, organizing content, editing peer articles, and helping with editorial oversight of the website. www.Bilerico.com


Midwest Regional Co-Chair

The Trevor Project 

Co-chair of the Chicago Ambassadors Council, created for Chicago-based supporters of The Trevor Project, the leading national organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention efforts among LGBTQ youth.

  • Skills included large-scale fundraising, event planning, community organizing, and“safe space” training in public schools & universities.


Inflight Crew Trainer

JetBlue Airways 

Inflight Crew Member and trainer for new flight attendants.

  • Skills included providing friendly & effective passenger service and safety, providing high-level interpersonal communication & problem resolution for both passengers and coworkers, leading a team of inflight crewmembers, training new flight attendants, and coordinating and organizing complex logistics & concerns.


Entertainment Performer

Walt Disney World 

Singer & Dancer for shows & parades and trainer for new cast members.

  • Skills included providing enthusiastic entertainment with both optimism and a sense of humor, using strong interpersonal skills to provide superior experience for guests, and working both independently and on a team.



Content Creation

Project Management

Graphic Design

Multimedia Content

Event Planning

Social Media

Politcal & Cultural Trends

PR & Media Relations

Community Organizing


American Sign Language


B.A in Business Management with a Marketing Concentration

Golden Gate University

B.A in Business Management with a Marketing Concentration. Achieved 4.0 GPA throughout entire program.


B.S. in Business Administration

B.A. of Arts with a Music Concentration.

Stetson University, Deland, Florida

Worked towards a B.S. in Business Administration and a B.A. of Arts with a Music Concentration. Achieved 4.0 GPA throughout both programs. Left due to terminal family illness.


B.S. in Business and Political Economy

B.A. in Performance Studies. 

New York University

Worked towards a B.S. in Business and Political Economy and a B.A. in Performance Studies. Both programs included rigorous writing skills, interpersonal relationship skills, and research ability. Achieved 4.0 GPA throughout both programs. Transferred due to terminal family illness.

National Politics
I have had extensive experience covering national politics, from hot-button cultural issues to presidential campaigns, for a variety of news outlets and educational organizations. ​

International Politics

I covered international news for multiple outlets, including social and political issues.  ​

Television/Video Content
My television content comes from my political talk show Critical Thinking, which I wrote and produced. The show covered LGBTQ issues, both political and social. 


State Politics
My work on state politics comes from a deep passion for social issues such as LGBTQ rights and adoption equality.


I have often drawn on my personal experiences to explain complex or emotional issues to readers.

Research & Marketing Plans (All Content Posted with Client Permission)
My work includes in-depth research papers and detail-oriented marketing plans and reports.
Print & Digital Ads
Print Materials (Graphic & Content Design)

Waymon Hudson

Marketing and Communications Consultant






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